Saturday, April 19, 2014

Overpass: Be or Not To Be...

I'm seriously thinking about building an overpass between the cassette and the feed mill module. I thought it was artificial, but after a few short operating sessions, I firmly believe it help to break the scene into smething looking longer.

Lagueux Road overpass in Lévis (Bernières), Quebec (Google StreetView)

I've decided to reproduced a standard railway overpass along CN Drummondville Sub in Southern Quebec. This design date back to the mid-60s and is a favorite of mine.

Overpass seen from St. Pamphile Station (looking east)
Overpass seen from the feedmill (looking west)

I'll have to slightly move the glue about 1/2" inches to be able to install the overpass. I'm quite happy I only glued the track. Shouldn't be to hard to do.

That said, I'm seriously thinking about building right now the second module. Most operations take place there, also, I think the passing track could make a good team track. From there, I would had a staging track on the opposite wall of my room.

Here's a plan of my ideas. The left module will be called "Station Module", the right one will be "Feed Mill Module". Original!

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