Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Layout Track Plan

I didn't feel the need to make an elaborate track plan for this particular layout, but a sketch will help to get a general idea of the project.

The runaround is about 48 inches long and thus can hold about 6 cars, which is more than enough for this project. The feed mill siding got 3 car spots including the builder's supplies warehouse. The team track can hold 2 or 3 cars, depending their lenght. I would like to have some log loading equipment there to put to good use my Walthers pulpwood cars. A very nice place to display nice trucks.

A small dirt road will run along the runaround. I'm still wondering if that road will continue under the overpass...


I'm quite satisfied with this track arrangement because it is exactly what can be found in most rural communities I know. I definitely see no need for more trackage since switching what seems a simplistic layout can really become more complex when you try to run it like the real deal. Going overboard would be easy and balance between track density and scenery would be lost.

The removable cassette could be replaced, in the future, with another module representing the other half of the passing track with access roads and dilapidated railway sheds and equipment.

A second module depicting a lumber yard could also be added on the right. Since my teenagers years, I always wanted to model our local sawmill in my hometown and that would be a neat occasion to do so.

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