Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Overpass

CN 2026 is passing under the new concrete overpass.

My layout is heavily inspired by the old grain elevator near Route Lagueux in St-Nicolas (east to Charny) on CN mainline on Quebec South Shore. At this very place is a typical exemple of a highway access road concrete overpass built in the early 60s when Quebec was developing its highway network.

Basic shapes glued together and test fitted.

I've always found it a nice locale when I was a kid and my father would drive us to a aunt living in the area. So I decided to make a replica of it to hide the staging area.

The prototype was measured with Google Earth help. Deck and piles are made out of 1/4" MDF. Lots of fun on the table saw! Well, in fact, it was more straight forward than I anticipated.

MDF parts were glued together with carpenter glue and illustration board was used to define the underside of transversal girders. They would be used as lost form when pouring plaster.

Plaster set in place to fill the gaps.

I finally used plaster of Paris to fill the gaps and get an even surface. The back of a saw was used to shape correctly the plaster. Some rough spots are there, but I'll keep them to represent crumbling concrete (eh! Quebec is famous for it's sh*tty concrete infrastructures and poorly built roads... looks like 400 years isn't enough to learn the lesson up there!!!). Joke aside, it will help to get a more realistic look. I often feel plastic kits and styrene lacks the texture to make believeable massive concrete structures.


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  2. Is the elevator you've modeled the one that stands at the end of Chemin de la Cooperative, near Autoroute 20? It's a landmark I watch for on our annual drive to visit my wife's parents in New Brunswick. Do you know when the elevator closed? If I remember correctly, it was part of the local Coop until a few years ago. Last time we drove past it, it was part of an RV storage lot.

    Mark Heiden

    1. Mark, sorry for the delay, I didn't saw your comment. You are right, it is the same elevator. The one I'm talking about closed down many years ago and was partially dismantled, however, they kept the elevator tower standing. I think it's still a RV storage lot and the elevator is used for storage.