Sunday, July 8, 2018

Refining the Track Plan

Last Friday could be considered a fruitless evening because we didn't permanently attach track, however, it would be a preposterous claim in fact.

It was an occasion to set tracks on the benchwork in their planned location and see if things could be improved from a visual perspective but also for operation. Sometimes you move a track half an inch and get a totally different result.

It was also a good occasion to decide where and how the structures would be. The feedmill will be framed on the layout in such a fashion we will be able to include the very photogenic 1950s store brick facade. A few houses will also be scratchbuilt to better grasp the feeling of a small rural town in Southern Quebec.

The next step will be to fix permanently the tracks and tackle the Central Valley double span truss bridge that is quite a challenge in itself. Bridge piers and abutments will probably be 3D printed according to prototype.


  1. I love this, Matthieu. This layout is going to feature a terrific composition - and I like how your mock-ups include the roads. Well done, and I look forward to following your progress!
    - Trevor

    1. Thank you for your encouragements Trevor. I didn't expect this project to be so interesting. We have very few elements to play with, giving us more control over our decisions. The street grid is the real thing scaled down. Some areas were omitted for obvious reasons, but otherwise distance between elements is as much as possible based on real life.